Andrew J. Baker
Special Advisor

Andy is Chief Operating Officer at the Philadelphia Zoo.

Andy began his involvement with golden lion tamarins as a keeper at the Los Angeles Zoo.  He graduated with a degree in Biological Sciences from Stanford University and subsequently began doctoral studies in animal behavior at the University of Maryland.  He began field research in 1985 for his dissertation on mating system, infant care and group dynamics of golden lion tamarins in the Poço das Antas Reserve in Brazil.  He has continued his collaboration in field research on golden lion tamarins and is recognized for his scholarship and conservation work with that species. He has received several National Science Foundation grants with Dr. Jim Dietz of the University of Maryland to work with this species. Dr. Baker is widely published in both popular and scholarly publications, including American Journal of Primatology and Animal Behaviour.  He is a member of the Associação Mico-Leão Dourado, and has served as a Board Member of Save the Golden Lion Tamarin since 2007.

He joined the Philadelphia Zoo in 1992 as Assistant Curator of Mammals.  He was promoted to Curator of Primates and Small Mammals in 1994, to Vice President for Animal Programs in 2001, and to his current position as Chief Operating Officer in 2008.  In this position, he oversees daily zoo operations, including animal care, conservation, education, guest relations, marketing, communications, physical facilities, and planning.