Board of Directors

Lou Ann Dietz
President and Founding Director 
Lou Ann is an independent consultant in Building Capacity for Conservation Practitioners and serves as adjunct faculty member of the Graduate Program in Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology at the University of Maryland.



  James M. Dietz
Vice President and Founding Director

Jim Dietz is a conservation biologist who spent over 40 years doing research on, and contributing to policy for the management of endangered species and priority habitat in Brazil.  In 1983 he initiated the first field study of endangered golden lion tamarin monkeys in Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil.  more>   



Maria Inês Castro
Treasurer and Founding Director
Currently serving as Program Coordinator with the Ecosystem Finance Division of Conservation International, Inês has thirty years of experience working on conservation projects including reintroduction and animal enrichment for the Golden Lion Tamarin Conservation Program, in the state of Rio de Janeiro.  more>



Benjamin B. Beck
Assistant Treasurer and Founding Director

Ben is currently consulting, teaching and writing, having served as Director of Conservation of the Great Ape Trust and coordinator of the Gishwati Area Conservation Program in Rwanda until the end of 2011.  more>




Jennifer Mickelberg
Jennifer is currently the Senior Director of Collections and Conservation at Zoo Atlanta, where she oversees all aspects of the animal collection and leads conservation initiatives.  She is also the International Studbook Keeper for GLTs and Species Survival Plan Coordinator, managing the captive breeding program throughout the world.  more>



Nancy de Moraes
Secretary and Director

Nancy recently retired from World Wildlife Fund where she worked for 19 years as a Program Officer in the Latin America Program providing management support to WWF’s initiatives in a number of South American countries.  These wide-ranging and strategic initiatives included efforts in ecoregion conservation, protected area creation and management, transborder collaboration, policy, timber management, alternative income sources for local populations, environmental education, research, and species conservation. more> 


Karen L. Bonnin, Esquire
Board Member
Karen is an attorney practicing in Maryland. She received her BS degree from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1964. After relocating to Maryland, she worked on a federal grant as a member of a research team evaluating the District of Columbia Public School System.  more>  



Kenton Kerns
Board Member
Kenton’s passion for golden lion tamarins was sparked when he volunteered with the National Zoo’s golden lion tamarin Free Range Program. Kenton's volunteer work eventually led to his current full-time position working with GLTs at the National Zoo.  more>



Toni K. Allen
Board Member
Since retiring from the private practice of law, Toni has spent of her time volunteering. Her devotion to the golden lion tamarin began more than ten years ago when she became a behavior watcher in the National Zoo’s GLT free-range program. Jennifer Mickelberg, who was then at the National Zoo, recognized Toni’s interest in the GLT program and, together with the late Devra Kleiman, helped Toni organize several fundraisers in D.C. to benefit the GLTs. Now, with the other members of the SGLT Board of Directors, Toni hopes to apply her fundraising and nonprofit organizational experiences to further enhance the opportunities to Save the Golden Lion Tamarin.  more>  


Fabiano Godoy
Board Member 
Fabiano currently works at Conservation International (CI) as Technical Director for the Conservation Finance Division. In this role he advises CI’s field offices on the design and implementation of climate mitigation projects and sustainable landscape initiatives.



Special Advisors



Andrew J. Baker
Special Advisor

Andy is Chief Operating Officer at the Philadelphia Zoo. In this position oversees daily operations of a more than 70 staff, including veterinarians, curators and keepers, caring for more than 1,300 animals.  more>     





Jon Ballou
Special Advisor
Until his retirement in 2016, Dr. Jonathan Ballou was Population Manager and Research Scientist at the Smithsonian Institution's Conservation Biology Institute in Washington, DC. He was also an adjunct member of the Faculty of the University of Maryland. His research has focused on the genetic and demographic problems confronted by small populations, especially of threatened and endangered species.  more>  





Christine Engels
Christine Archer Engels is a conservation biologist who began her career at the Smithsonian’s Department of Zoological Research studying behavior and vocalizations of golden lion tamarins. more>




Kirstin Hill
Kirstin Hill is the Manager for Conservation Engagement with the Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ), the nonprofit supporter of Smithsonian’s National Zoo. more>