Name a GLT in the Wild!

   A Special Limited Offer for our Generous GLT Supporters 

Our partner organization in Brazil (AMLD) is continually monitoring the wild GLT population in their native habitat in Brazil.  They track and collect information on about 15 family groups accustomed to the presence of human observers.  Each individual is identified with a code name entered in a permanent record for the wild population.

For a donation of US$1000, we are offering the opportunity to choose a name for a newly born infant or for a newly found adult GLT.  Past donors have given names such as Devra, Darci, Eduardo, Chico, and Jeremy. This is your chance to choose one for yourself or as a gift to someone special.   

When the field team has identified "your" GLT, you will receive a certificate with the name you choose, a photo of the GLT and information concerning its family group and their location.  

We will also send to you via US Postal Service a copy of the book Thirteen Gold Monkeys signed by the author Dr. Benjamin Beck.   

Thirteen Gold Monkeys, a novel based on the first years of the reintroduction of zoo-born golden lion tamarins to Brazil is a story of hope, love, and unspeakable death in a disappearing Brazilian rainforest. A team of dogged conservationists tries to save the golden lion tamarin by reintroducing zoo-born tamarins to the forest. The book captures the tamarins’ fierce determination to survive, their loves and conflicts, their nurturant families, adorable babies, hidden language, sometimes comical attempts to solve the problems of adapting, and the agonizing deaths of those who don’t make it. There’s murder and mayhem too. The novel is suitable for all readers, especially students interested in science and conservation.

Here’s how to make your donation and name a tamarin:

  • Send a check* for $1000 US dollars payable to Save the Golden Lion Tamarin to:  Save the Golden Lion Tamarin, 303 Cavalier Court, Silver Spring MD 20901-1620, USA.  By sending a check, no transaction fee will be deducted from your donation.  Please include your name and email, the name to be listed in our donor registry and the email and mailing address to receive the certificate, photo, information and book.

* For information to send a wire transfer send an email to