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SGLT’s Track-A-Tamarin is nearing $20,000 at the end of its third year!

Started in 2015, our Track-A-Tamarin (TAT) campaign is aimed at raising dedicated funds for the Brazilian scientists in the field tracking tamarins, studying their movements, social structure, and use of habitat. This data is invaluable and helps form the basis of other important projects, like projecting current population numbers and creating bridges across highways to connect habitat. Associação Mico-Leão-Dourado (AMLD) requires a steady source of funds to supply the radio telemetry equipment to track the tamarins, and the generosity of our amazing supporters continues to make this critical work possible!

After raising nearly $5000 in its first year, Track-A-Tamarin raised nearly $8,817.79 in 2016! Thanks to all of our 2016 supporters, especially:

  • Leslie Wilkes, who chose to name a GLT in the wild Chiquinho!
  • The National Capital AAZK Chapter at Smithsonian's National Zoo, who donated $500 as part of their annual conservation donation.
  • The Brandywine Zoo AAZK Chapter, who donated $1,500 as part of their Tango For Tamarins event, and chose to name a GLT in the wild Tango!
  • The Greensboro Science Center and North Carolina AAZK Chapter, who raised $1,500 from a fundraiser focused on GLTs!
  • And thanks to Holohil, the company who supplies our telemetry equipment, who generously donates $1000 per year!


So far in 2017, we’ve raised $3702.83! Thank you to our 2017 donors so far, especially:

  • The Georgia AAZK Chapter hosted their annual Brazilian Bingo and raised $900!
  • Woodbury Heights Elementary School in New Jersey fundraised $270 for GLT conservation while learning about them during a school project. 
  • And thanks to Holohil, the company who supplies our telemetry equipment, who generously donates $1000 per year!


In total, Track-A-Tamarin has raised $17,101.87 as of October, 2017! We invite you to help fundraise for TAT; take a look at some of the events held around the US to raise money for GLTs. You can also make a donation online and specify that it goes to the TAT fund. 

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