Happy 20th Anniversary to AMLD in Brazil!

November 9, 1992, saw the establishment of the Associação Mico Leão Dourado (AMLD), the Brazilian NGO working to conserve golden lion tamarins (GLTs) and their habitat in the Atlantic Forest.  Since the inception of AMLD, the number of GLTs living in the wild has gone from just several hundred to 1,700!  We continue to partner with the AMLD as we work toward our goal of having 2,000 GLTs in 25,000 hectares of protected and connected habitat. 

Please visit our facebook page to see more photos of the festivities celebrating these 20 years! 


Support GLTs and Visit our online Silent Auction!

The Friends of the National Zoo (FONZ) online auction is NOW OPEN FOR BIDDING through May 13! 


This is an opportunity to bid on hundreds of incredible items to raise money for the Smithsonian's National Zoo's animal care, science, education and sustainability programs.  One of these programs is Golden Lion Tamarins.  A portion of the proceeds from over 100 of these auction items will go directly to help the Brazilian Associação Mico-Leão Dourado (Golden Lion Tamarin Association) to save golden lion tamarins in their forest habitat in perpetuity.  So here’s your chance to bid on a wide variety of really unique items, have fun, AND help conservation.  On behalf of all the team working to save golden lion tamarins in their forest habitat, thanks for your support!

Click   here  to visit the entire online auction.  You can view the complete list of items benefiting GLTs by clicking  here.  Below are just a few of the fantastic items we have this year:

  • Choose the name of the next GLT born in the wild -- the name will become permanent for the life of that tamarin
  • Incredible artwork by the animals themselves (bet you didn’t know golden lion tamarins were artists, how about tenrecs or armadillos or naked mole rats?) and by human artisans around the world;
  • A copy of Jane Goodall’s new book, signed by the author herself;
  • Behind-the-scenes zoo tours at National Zoo, Bronx Zoo, Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, Philadelphia Zoo, Baltimore Aquarium, Monkey Jungle in Miami, and Zoo Atlanta;
  • Soccer balls and uniforms for your own team;
  • Technical assistance to fix your computer problems;
  • Tour of NASA with an aeronautic engineer;
  • Sunset Tour of the Century-old Potomac Boat Club with the Club Vice-President;
  • Dog training, yoga sessions, personal fitness training;
  • A Bethany Beach Delaware condo getaway;
  • A monkey hand-knit sweater and hat;
  • Breakfast with the GLTs!

After placing the winning bid in last year’s auction to name the next GLT born in the wild, Greg Melanson chose the name Devra in honor of Devra Kleiman, and sent the following message to SGLT:

I was delighted to receive from you a photo of little GLT Devra and news about her family, their location, etc.  I am so glad to know she is part of a large and vibrant family!  I have her photo on my bulletin board and smile whenever I look at it.  There is nothing I would like better than to make another trip to Brazil and see GLT Devra in person – I have such fond memories of a trip some years ago. 


Adopt GLT Devra!  

Meet GLT Devra, our featured Golden Lion Tamarin for 2011!

Just in time for the holidays, you can adopt GLT Devra and help support our ongoing efforts in Brazil to monitor and protect golden lion tamarins and their habitat, the Atlantic Coastal Forest of Rio de Janeiro.  

Click here for more details!


Our Brazilian partner organization, AMLD, welcomes new Secretary General!

Luís Paulo Ferraz is a geographer with more than 20 years of experience in the field of conservation biology and sustainable development.  He brings experience and knowledge from working with organizations both in Brazil and internationally.  In Brazil, he primarily worked in the coastal region of São Paulo State.  He worked in the government for 8 years where he participated in a variety of projects in the Serra do Mar.  Luis Paulo has a long experience in institutional management with expertise in design, planning, preparation and coordination of projects and programs, international relations, work in interdisciplinary teams, and organizing events, working groups, seminars and conventions.  We are thrilled that Luis Paulo has joined the team and look forward to working together to achieve our goal of having 2000 GLTs on 25,000 hectares of protected and connected area by the year 2025. 


Announcing the Devra Kleiman Fund to Save the Golden Lion Tamarin

To honor Devra Kleiman, our Vice-President, Save the Golden Lion Tamarin is creating the Devra Kleiman Fund to Save the Golden Lion Tamarin - the fund Devra proposed before her death April 29, 2010.

100% of contributions to the fund will go to support the conservation work for GLTs in Brazil, assuring the work Devra dedicated herself to for 40 years will continue to save golden lion tamarins in perpetuity. 

We invite the people around the world whose lives Devra touched, to join with us in honoring Devra through contributions to Save the Golden Lion Tamarin, earmarked for THE DEVRA KLEIMAN FUND TO SAVE THE GOLDEN LION TAMARIN. 

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