Progress Reports

     Highlights of our Results from 2013 

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SGLT's partner organization, the Associação Mico-Leão-Dourado (AMLD) is the lead organization in the international effort to keep endangered golden lion tamarins (GLTs) safe from extinction in their Brazilian Atlantic Forest habitat. 

World experts in management of small populations of wildlife are in agreement that to avoid extinction we need at least 2,000 GLTs living in a landscape of 25,000 hectares (97 square miles) of connected and protected Atlantic Forest. That is our goal and we have a realistic plan to get there. 

GLTs once occurred throughout the lowland Atlantic Forest of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil. Centuries of deforestation for timber and charcoal production, agriculture, cattle ranching, and now urban 
expansion, reduced the tamarin’s forest habitat to 2% of its original area—all fragmented into small and isolated forest islands surrounded by cattle pasture and housing developments. Now, all remaining wild GLTs and their entire forest habitat are found only in the São João River Basin, Rio de Janeiro State. 

This watershed, about 845 square miles in area, is sandwiched between coastal mountains to the west, the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the expanding Rio de Janeiro city 60 miles to the south, and Macaé, 25 miles to the north, where Brazil’s largest off-shore oil extraction results in infrastructure development throughout the state of Rio. This river basin is where we live and work. 

2013 was a banner year in moving toward our conservation goal and we are pleased to share some of the highlights. Please see our Facebook page for more information. We are well on our way, but there is much left to be done. Thank you for your help!