Track-A-Tamarin Testimonials

Here are some examples of SGLT supporters who held funraisers for Track-A-Tamarin!

Brazilian Bingo hosted by the Georgia AAZK Chapter 

The Georgia AAZK Chapter and Zoo Atlanta is partnering with the Brazilian non-governmental organization, the Golden Lion Tamarin Association, to help ensure GLTs are around for generations to come.  The GLTA coordinates all aspects of GLT conservation, including monitoring of GLTs, forest restoration, public outreach and education.  Their work is the backbone for GLT conservation and needs our support.  A Brazilian field team is responsible for monitoring the GLTs in the wild and in order to do that, we use radio telemetry which allows the team to follow and monitor the health of the GLTs in the wild.  Without this technology, finding a monkey that weighs just about a pound and a half can be a real challenge.  Funds raised from this event will help support the purchase of desperately needed radio collars to continue this monitoring. Raising over $1000 for Track a Tamarin

Why did you choose to support SGLT’s Track a Tamarin program?

We take care of GLTs at Zoo Atlanta, and we are very passion about helping out this organization.

Why did you choose to do Brazilian Bingo?

For years we organized a bingo fundraiser for our AAZK Chapter called Bushmeat Bingo which benefited another organization. We decided to start supporting an organization that's close to home and our hearts.

How does Brazilian Bingo work?

We have a check sheet that we follow every year which I copied below but the event includes Bingo and prizes, pizza, drinks and dessert. We also advertised Trees for Tamarins; for a $2 donation, participants can plant a tree to rebuild forest connections.

What was the hardest part about doing the event? 

The first year tends to be the hardest since you have to get everything to start, but after the first year it's easy to organize.

What do you think people liked best about the event?

We think most people that attend really want one of the amazing animal paintings but I also think they like getting together with other coworkers, zoo members, and docents while helping to raise money for conservation.

BRAZILIAN BINGO CHECK LIST – things to do and have for your event!


  • Set a date
  • Order tables, chairs, etc.
  • Reserve location
  • Buy drinks and water
  • Order and pick up pizzas (12 pizzas for ~50 people)
  • Prizes (~30)
  • Flyers
  • Crayons for checking off bingo numbers (can also make additional money by selling bingo markers)
  • Bingo caller
  • Bingo calling cards
  • Cash box ($150 - $10/quarters, $50/ones, $90/fives)
  • Plates & napkins
  • Ice
  • Cooler
  • Bingo cards
  • 2-3 people working the front table
  • Print up ways to win bingo, laminate and place on table (be sure to give a copy to the bingo caller)
  • Print out cute GLT photos and info to place on tables
  • Trash bags to recycle paper, cans, bottles



Choosing SGLT and TAT as Your Gift Recipient

Casey and I chose several causes that are important to both of us and asked our wedding guests to donate to the causes in lieu of traditional wedding gifts.  SGLT was an obvious choice for us due to my background with the GLTs as a volunteer and as a supporter of SGLT.  The GLT program at the National Zoo inspired so many people to learn more about the GLTs and I hope that we raised more awareness with our wedding guests that were not already familiar with them. 

It was very easy to solicit donations by directing our guests from our wedding web page to the SGLT web site.  So many of our local guests told us how the GLTs are their favorite animal at the zoo and how excited they were to help support the program.  We are so happy that so many people chose to help support such an amazing cause.  

Knowing that the money is going to help such fascinating animals is so much better than a traditional wedding gift. 

-Jeff & Casey, GLT lovers and SGLT supporters.


Tango For Tamarins by the Brandywine Zoo AAZK

Being a fairly new AAZK Chapter, a large fundraiser seemed a little challenging but as zoo keepers, we are very passionate and creative people. The Brandywine Zoo currently has GLT’s, and has a history participating in GLT conservation. One of our keepers who teaches tango brought up that tango studios are always looking for facilities to host tango events. That’s how we came up with “Tango for Tamarins”. 

Putting this event together was relatively easy. The Brandywine Zoo is State run and is part of Delaware’s State Park system. Because of this we were able to utilize another park facility at no cost to us. We reached out to local merchants for donations of food and beverages along with items for our silent auction. We also reached out to tango studios in our area for interest and to spread the word throughout the tango community.

The event starts at 6:00 pm and runs to 10:00 pm.  We hold a silent auction, hand out door prizes, and have a 50/50 raffle.  Most of the tango dancers aren’t too interested in these and more interested in dancing. They would love to see the event last longer than 4 hours! The rest of our attendees are the ones who really participate in the silent auction, raffle, and dancing, but they usually only stay between two and three hours. It’s a bit of a balancing act, but overall everyone has a great time. At our past two events, we had only offered light snacks, water, and soda as refreshments. This year we decided to have a cash bar and sell alcohol. We also upped our snacks to more of an appetizer selection. As in the past, we had food donated, and this year we were also able to get beer and wine donated as well. These additions were another boost to our profits. 

Tango for Tamarins has been well received by the Zoo and tango communities, and each year this event has grown and brought in more money.  Our 2016 event we raised enough to donate $1500 to Save the Golden Lion Tamarin. 

- Sharon Smith, Lead Keeper Brandywine Zoo