What Kids are doing to help GLTs

We love enthusiastic young people, and are delighted to know that the GLTs have a new generation who will become life-long friends helping to ensure the future of this wonderful primate.

 Send us your IDEAS and PHOTOS of your efforts.  Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Help increase awareness by holding a fundraising event in your community.
  • Encourage your local newspaper to feature an article on GLTs -- including captivating photos.
  • For birthdays, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, graduations, and other celebrations, either for yourself or for friends and family, suggest donations to SGLT in their honor in lieu of other gifts.
  • Choose Golden Lion Tamarins as the subject of a school assignment and share with friends and family.
  • View this SGLT webpage at www.savetheliontamaring.org and our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/saveglts often and Share the news and photos on your own Facebook page if you have one.

While each of their actions may be small, they are gigantic in heart.  Many small actions can add up to make a big difference.  Golden lion tamarins thank you all!  Contact us with your stories and photos to share here.  These can be sent to savetheglt@gmail.com.

Here a few EXAMPLES of what kids have done to support our work to conserve Golden Lion Tamarins in their Atlantic Forest habitat in Brazil.  

When Avery, an avid 7-year-old wildlife enthusiast from Los Angeles, learned that the golden lion tamarin is one of the most endangered species today, he decided to dedicate his entire summer's allowance, as well as proceeds from a lemonade stand, to Save the Golden Lion Tamarin.  Through his efforts, and with the help of his younger sister, he raised $58.62, which his father donated via our online donation site.   According to his parents, “Avery continues to astound us with his passion and knowledge of all things endangered.  He is truly inspired by the plight of animals like the Golden Lion Tamarin that are at the mercy of human impact and we are fairly convinced that he will make it his life's work to be involved in helping to save these creatures when he grows up.”

A young lady named Maia held a lemonade stand in Colorado to support SGLT, and sent us the proceeds together with a charming letter and photo.

Mr. David Gaita’s First Grade Class at Burr Elementary School in Massachusetts learned about the environment and wanted to do something to help.   Earned at a school craft fair, they contributed $827 to help plant forest corridors for GLTs in Brazil. [See photo below].   Also, school classes and their teachers in Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro state are learning about the tamarins and the forest in their schools and are working directly with the Associação Mico-Leão Dourado planting and protecting forest corridors.  Because we need to restore forest to save golden lion tamarins, all those supporting tamarin conservation are also offsetting a bit of their carbon footprint, helping to save our planet.

Meghan, a young lady from Connecticut, worked for a whole year to raise $100 to donate to Save the Golden Lion Tamarin.  She “learned about golden lion tamarins from an encyclopedia and nearly cried when it said that they were endangered.” She searched online for a way to help and discovered Save the Golden Lion Tamarin.  “I knew the second I saw it that I would donate my money there especially since Devra Kleiman, who was one of my idols for saving animals, was associated with it.”  Meghan did research on tamarins, and to inform other students, included what she learned in a poster at her school science fair.  She raised some funds with another poster and donation can she made for her uncle’s vet office.   She raised awareness and collected donations from her family and friends and then “worked like crazy doing all the chores in my house possible and finally earned the $100 to make a difference for these amazing monkeys we love.”  She continued working to raise awareness through posters in her town.

Students of the Miami area participating in the educational program of the Dumond Conservancy for Primates and Tropical Forests created a podcast about conservation of golden lion tamarins.

Audrey, an eighth grader in Louisville, Kentucky, chose the Golden Lion Tamarin for a school class assignment where students were to work for six weeks to create a presentation on an endangered species.  In addition to presenting information about the species, each student was to develop a plan to help save the species.  She later reported to us that she received an A on her assignment.